How to Start Online Business with No Money

Staring with an Online Business does not mean that, you need to take out a loan or get a huge amount of money. Online business is a very effective method for those who want to start their own business because in this type of business you don’t need to spend more money. Starting a small online business can be very easy if you know what you are doing or knowledge about business. There are some steps that you have to follow when you are going to start your online venture.

Some ways to start your online business are as follows:

Get and Find an Idea Of Business:

Every business starts with an idea. So you have to decide what type of business you want to start? We suggest that you should start your business in which you are good or you have little knowledge about that.  If you don’t have any idea then there are many websites available that offer some ideas for your business like springwise, IdeasWatch, Trendhunter, etc. These websites provide information about the business.

Apart from this you can search on the internet and observe consumers behaviors or attitude towards products and services. Identify things and sites in which customers are complaining, try to find out the possible solutions. With these tricks, you can find the best idea to start your business.

Name your business:

After finding the idea of your business, the next step is to get your business name. The name of your online business should be catchy and unique so that people like this. For this, you can discuss with your friends and family members. The name of your business or website should be easy to pronounce and easy to understand so that anyone can hear it.

Register your business:

If you want your business as an official business, then you can go with this step. After deciding the name of your business, the next step is to registers your business.

Note that if you are just starting out alone, then you can run your business without having registration.

Get Domain Name:

Now buy the domain name from Go daddy or from another domain company. There are many domain registration sites available that offer an array of the domain name but Notably and Go daddy charge a low price. When you are going to choose domain name, then first you should select .com extension that depends on your choice. Apart from .Com extension .net and .Co extensions are also available, so you can select any one as per your choice. Generally, the domain cost is $10.

You can register a free domain from Freenom site.

Gets Web Hosting Server:

You should choose web hosting service, i.e. reliable with a fast connection. There are many webs hosting companies that offer free domain if you choose their hosting plans. Always go with the local hosting company and 24/7 customer support company for your web hosting server.

Build your website:

For this, you can go with Word press or Joomla Content Management System to design your website without any programming or coding. They have thousands of design templates and plugging. Just Google WordPress themes and you can find thousands of different themes of your site. These are very easy to add on your website.

Manage traffic:

Now your online business website is up and you can start driving traffic on it for Free, using Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter. You can also manage traffic on your website from Google through SEO. Apart from this, you can post blogs and articles on your website.

If you don’t want your business with website then you can go with some other ideas, and these ideas of online business are as follows:

Deciding on the products:

Online Business falls into two categories.

Digital Products:

Digital products include an online course, an e-book, audio files, and videos. E-books and audio files are very easy to create. You can start your online course by just recording your videos and with prepared notes. Apart from this, you need a camera or mic, so that you can start your video and post it on YouTube.

Online Services:

These services are some sort of service where we provide service to customers. You can provide many services to your customers. Online services may include social media marketing, graphic design services.